Finding and Removing Ticks on Your Cat

If your cat lives outdoors or exists as a mixture of an indoor and outdoor kitty, it could encounter ticks at some point during its adventures in your yard. Ticks are small, hard to see, bite and suck blood, and are known carriers of several different diseases. This is obviously not something you want crawling around on your family cat.

Is there a proper way to check your cat over for ticks to make sure there are none making homes in your kitty’s fur, and how should you properly remove the ticks if you do find one or more on your cat? Let’s take a closer look so you know what to expect if you find a tick on your kitty.

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The Purrfect Way to Remove Ticks

The saliva of a tick can be a big irritant to cats, which might make your pet scratch itself incessantly. If you see your cat scratching at a certain spot many times throughout the day, this could be a telltale sign that your cat could have a tick on it.

To find ticks on your cat, pick up your kitty and look closely all over its fur and in its ears. Ticks are very tiny and can be hard to see, so you will want to make sure you are checking carefully. If you think you have found a tick on your cat, you will want to pick the tick up by the head using a pair of tweezers, and pulling straight outward slowly. This way, parts of the tick don’t get left behind in your cat’s skin.

Crush the tick and throw it away or flush it down the toilet after you remove it. To keep more ticks from finding their way onto your feline friend, consider giving a call to your local tick control pascagoula professionals to rid your yard of the pests.