2 of the Top Types of Showers

The shower in a bathroom should be efficient, functional, and attractive. Showers are used frequently, making individuals fresh and clean in the morning and relaxing them at night. When you’re performing a renovation in your bathroom, one of the options you will need to consider is the type of shower you want installed.

There are various shower types, which can often leave homeowners perplexed and overwhelmed when it comes time to make a choice. Instead of going in blind and making a rushed decision on the spot, let’s go over three of the best options to choose from when deciding on the type of shower you want installed in your bathroom.

Custom Shower

What better shower replacement grand rapids is there than a shower that was specifically built for your home and your preferences? That was a rhetorical question, as many homeowners dream of having their own customized shower. Custom showers are often made using natural stone, though they can also be made with porcelain tile.

Curved Enclosure

A curved enclosure shower will often be placed in a corner so that the sliding door is able to move in an arc, allowing you to enter and exit the shower. Curved showers are similar to corner enclosure showers, though they are not rectangular in shape like corner enclosure showers. These make the most of the space you have in a bathroom, which can be ideal for smaller renovation projects.

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These are two of the top bathroom shower styles homeowners choose when renovating bathrooms, so consider them thoroughly. When it comes to the type of shower you choose, the final decision will be based on the size of your bathroom and your overall preferences. In the end, as long as you put enough thought into the decision, you will have a shower you love.